Backup Power

What is it all about?

Tired of being left stranded without any electricity because of the unpredictability of the power grid or when ESKOM decide to shut the power off.

There are a number of solutions on hand;

You can install a UPS backup system which will keep selected circuits powered up, whilst the electricity is off, it will seamlessly continue running power to your office and household when the power goes.

There are a range of units which will give you various back up run times and load capacities.

Approximate Backup Time At Various Loads

elliot electrical approximate backup time at various loads

The most popular units which we have found for our clients in a household is the 3kVA – PM803E-100S, this unit will allow for the basics to be backed up, e.g. Lights circuits and a couple of key plug circuits (TV plugs, fridge and Wi-Fi / computer) This unit will allow for a decent down time and if managed correctly, you would get more than 8 hours of back-up time.

Depending on the load requirements in an office environment the most common ups used for the back-up power is the 6 kVA PM806E-100S, which will allow for approximately 18 computers. Should there be more appliances or computers which need to be powered up, a 10kVA unit PM810E-100S would then be recommended and installed.

PowerMan Online UPS Range

The PM11 Series of UPS’s are manufactured using a double conversion design principal. The incoming mains is converted directly into DC. This DC power is used to charge the batteries and to drive the inverter, which in turn runs the load. Should the mains fail the batteries will simply carry on driving the inverter, and start to discharge as opposed to charging. The units have a built in Static By-Pass feature which enables the machine to transfer the load to normal mains under certain conditions. There is no break on the output on transfer to or from the mains.

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