Conserving Energy

What is it all about?

With the rising costs of our electricity at approximately a 15 % increase year on year, we need to find ways of reducing our consumption which means you end up reducing your electricity account and you can pay less money to Eskom.

Here are some handy tips

Aid The Geyser

elliot electrical service conserving energy aid the geyser

The geyser uses approximately 40% of your house holds consumption, so it is important for you to address the geyser first. There are various solutions to decreasing the consumption:

  • Have a heat pump installed; this can reduce your geyser consumption 65%
  • Have a solar geyser installed; this too can reduce your consumption by around 60%
  • Have a Geyser Timer installed (this is more cost effective than the previous two options, but will not give you nearly as much of a saving.
  • As an additional precaution it is advised to always make use of geyser blankets to insulate heat generated.

Chill with the Air Conditioners

elliot electrical service conserving energy chill with the air conditioner
  • An air-conditioner also uses quite a bit of electricity. There are not many options available in terms of power saving methods.
  • Switch off the air-con and endure the heat
  • Convert to an inverter air-conditioner which is very new technology
  • Always ensure all doors and windows are closed to keep conditioned air from escaping the room

Install LED Lighting

elliot electrical service conserving energy install led lighting

LED lighting is the way to go since it is the most efficient globes to date are still the LED globes. When using LED globes, you can save up to 90% of your consumption depending on which globes you are replacing.

If you haven’t converted to LED’s yet, the time to do so is NOW!

For example:

If you have a room of 12 down lights, they will draw a total of 600W and if you were to replace them with LED globes it will draw a total of 60W.

Ensure that all non-essential lights are switched off at night and if you have any external lights which need to be on in the evenings, have a timer or a day/night sensor installed to control these lights.

Monitor “off” or “on standby” Appliances

elliot electrical service conserving energy monitor appliances

Did you know that your appliances still use electricity even when not in use? It is advised to switch it off – preferably at the socket – to save power. These appliances includes computers, microwaves, DVD players, TV’s etc.

Install Timers

elliot electrical service conserving energy install timers

Pool motors, pond- and water feature pumps, exterior lights and other electric devices need not be running 24/7 and can therefore be connected on a timer to regulate on/off times thus reducing electricity consumption.

Avoid Tumble Dryers

elliot electrical service conserving energy avoid tumble dryers

The tumble dryer is a mean electricity consumer. Try other methods when drying the laundry to avoid a sky-high electricity bill.

Check Underfloor Heating

elliot electrical service conserving energy check underfloor heating

This is yet another electrical amenity that consumes a lot of power, likewise all other types of electrical heating. Always ensure all doors and windows are closed when a heater is on, to keep the heat from escaping the room.


Get Pre-paid Electricity

elliot electrical service conserving energy prepaid electricity

If you have not already changed your meter to pre-paid, we suggest you do it as soon as possible. It is an easy way to ensure that you don’t get any unforeseen nasty bills from Eskom, demanding an exorbitant amount of money. On pre-paid you get to pay up front for your electricity and when it’s finished it’s finished. A good spin off is that you end up monitoring your consumption a lot closer and you will pick up if there is any unnecessary usage, which enables you to further reduce your consumption.

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