Maintenance & Repairs

What is it all about?

When it comes to electrical maintenance and repairs we are looking at a pretty broad spectrum. Electrical faults are not always what it seems and many times not easy to identify either. While some contractors may assume the point of origin when faced with challenges we always dig deeper to ensure and not assume. With assumptions comes the risk of expensive and needless repairs – we do our best to avoid that by taking all facts into account before giving a diagnosis. No problem is ever too big or too small for us to attend to. We have several teams on duty and always have hands on standby.

Specific areas of work may include:

General Lighting Repairs

When your lights go off and you cannot find the cause, we will send out one of our friendly and experienced teams to trace the fault and get your power back up and running.

Fault Finding

We have all experienced the irritation of tripping power at one time or another leaving us stranded without power and sitting in the dark, unable to reset the switch. We will send out our friendly and experienced teams to trace the fault and get your power back up and running.

Pool Motors

Keeping the pool motor up and running to efficiently maintain the cleanliness of the pool without running it 24/7 may be a challenge – one that is accepted by us.

DB Board Revamps

The DB board revamp entails an intensive consideration of the effectiveness of the board to efficiently distribute electricity to all major lines in your facility.

Load Balancing

Load balancing involves a closer look at your power usage to determine how much power is used at what times and on which lines. A shift is then made to equalize the load to ensure effective power distribution.

Garden Lighting

Whether it be for aesthetical value, design or decorative, we are able to strategically place garden lighting for your safety as well as other purposes.

DB Board Repairs

This is the main box in the electrical installation, from which power is distributed. Ninety present of problems originate from the DB. It might be from wear and tear, neglect or poor maintenance and very often poor workmanship. Cheap workmanship, DB board too small to handle the load and problems occurring as a result may leave you with unforeseen high cost.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is the way to go, since LED globes are the most efficient globes to date . When using LED globes, you can save up to 90% of your consumption depending on which globes you are replacing. If you haven’t converted to LED’s yet, the time to do so is NOW!


If you have a room of 12 down lights, they will draw a total of 600W and if you were to replace them with LED globes it will draw a total of 60W. Ensure that all non-essential lights are switched off at night and if you have any external lights which need to be on in the evenings, have a timer or a day/night sensor installed to control these lights.

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